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EASA Part-66 License

An Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) issued by a country other than EASA Member States cannot be rendered valid as EASA Part-66 AML.


ALL4JETS as the EASA Maintenance Training Organization (Certificate of Approval No PL.147.0017), is offering its support and assistance in the process of acquiring an Aircraft Maintenance License category in accordance with Annex III (Part-66) 

In order to get an EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License, an applicant needs to have:

  • Basic knowledge (Part 66.A.25) and
  • Basic experience (Part-66.A.30)

In order to get TR (type rating) endorsed on Aircraft Maintenance License, an applicant needs to complete:

  • Type Training (theoretical and practical) (Part-66.A.45) and
  • On job training (OJT) for the first TR (Part-66.A.45)


No. There is no process for validation of such type of license.
Application shall be filed in one of EU Member States’ competent authority.
No. EASA does not issue Part-66 licenses.
The candidate shall have appropriate knowledge, confirmed by certificates of recognition from basic knowledge examinations and appropriate experience.
Basic knowledge examination can be passed at approved Part-147 organisations such as ALL4JETS or at NAA.
The number of basic knowledge modules to be taken depends on type of the license you want to have i.e for B1.1 – 13 modules, B2 – 12 modules.
No. The required experience can be gained within different types of maintenance organisations.
Experience can be documented by different means. It can be maintenance logbook or printouts from electronic maintenance system used by a maintenance organisation.
Experience should be gained on aircraft operated by airlines, air taxi organisations, aero clubs, owners, etc., as relevant to the licence category/subcategory. It should cover a wide range of tasks in terms of length, complexity and variety. It may be full-time or part-time, either as professional or on a voluntary basis.
It depends on the category of the license and varies from 3 years (cat. A/B1.2/B1.4 & B3) license) to 5 years (cat. B1.1/B1.3 & B2).
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EASA Part-66 License & FAQ