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Module 10

Aviation Legislation

Exam preparation

Preparation for the exam is based on self-education. ALL4JETS recommends the use of teaching materials to study for each module developed by our partner Aircraft Technical Book Company, LLC. The materials can be purchased at the online store in hard or ebook forms offered specially for our students.

Please follow the links for specific books below and purchase in order to have a higher chance to succeed in exams:

Category A

Application (Warsaw)

To attend the exam you need to bring and present your ID/passport. We do conduct the exams online and so you do not need to bring anything with you. We will prepare 1 piece of paper for your own notes. Please bear in mind during COVID-19 pandemics we may have additional rules, that we will announce.

Exams may be recorded for quality purposes. The results are announced to you immediatelly after completing the exam.

Please be punctual when taking exam and do not be too early or too late. Examinations can be conducted in Polish (Warsaw only) and English (all exam sites) after prior determination of number of people and places of examinations.

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